Rules Page

We strive to bring a high-quality OP Prison experience to our players. In order to do so, we ask players to follow our set of rules.

Failing to do so will unfortunately result in punishment! This is not something we like to do, so make sure you follow all rules accordingly!

We also ask players to use common sense! If you THINK it breaks the rules but it is not listed here, it's best not to do so! Never be afraid to ask a Staff member about it, we're always willing to help!

Chat Rules đź’¬

All players need a way to interact with others, but there can be some things that cross the line. These rules are enforced to ensure the safety and happiness of other players!

•  English Only in Chat.

•  No Spamming. - You can type sentences out in multiple messages, but when you start flooding talking 1 word per line consistently for 5+ lines you will be punished. Spam generally goes for only character spam or repeated messages. You can not repeat a  message often, if you repeat the same messages without at least a 3-5 minute delay you risk being punished. Please do not flood the chat so much that your name is the only one showing up

•  Avoid Inappropriate Behavior, Language, or Toxicity. Excessive or severe inappropriate actions can result in a permanent ban.  Inappropriate content, even if it includes personal items, will be immediately removed. Note that if you report a player for toxicity, they will be privately manually reviewed and judged by their past messages. No information will be mentioned back to the player who is reporting the toxic player. If a player is too toxic for you to handle in your opinion, then you are always free to /ignore the player

•  No Continuous Capital Letters. (If you send multiple messages with caps repeatedly to purposely bother players you will be punished, expressing enjoyment (to an extent) is allowed in caps, such as "GG", "YESSSS", "YAYYYY", "LETS GOOOO", etc)

•  No Racial Slurs/Hate Speech.

•  Advertisements are Prohibited.

•  No links in chat.

•  Threats are Prohibited (May result in Blacklist).

Gameplay Rules 🎮

This server is meant to of course be played fairly! Giving players unfair advantages will obviously ruin your and other's experiences. These rules are enforced to ensure that this server is played fairly and kindly!

•  Forging evidence will result in severe punishment.

•  Glitching/Exploiting is not allowed in any form.

•  Punishment Evasion is not allowed.

•  Boosting will result in disqualification and a potential ban.

•  IRL Trades (Items to PayPal) are allowed, but are unmoderated- if you get scammed you will not be helped by any staff members.

•  TP Killing is disallowed in any form.

Client Side Rules 👤

Players are of course meant to follow their own set of rules. Our server is best enjoyed when everybody is fair on their own! These rules are enforced to ensure that players are being fair to everyone.

•  Use of disallowed modifications is prohibited. (See above for list)

•  Any form of automation / bots tasks are strictly prohibited.

•  Any DDosing tools or IP Grabbers are strictly prohibited.

• Only allowed 2 alternative accounts per player (Max 3 accounts per household) - If you are caught using many more accounts (for starting items etc, you will be blacklisted for alt abusing)

Punishment Durations đź•’

When staff are given punishments, we go off of a specific system put in place. Although, exceptions can be made by Management to give higher punishment times than the ones listed here. However, this is generally what you should refer to.

Chat Punishment Durations:

Verbal Warning (if deemed useful), 3 hour mute, 12 hour mute, 2 day mute, 7 day ban, 30 day ban, blacklist.

Gameplay/Client Side Punishment Durations:

7 day ban, 30 day ban,

Remember, this is just a general list of things to go by! Always make sure to use common sense when playing on our server! Have fun!

Some rule clarification:

- If you are a island leader and wish to kick someone from your team, you can without any hassle. Members trust their leaders and whatever items they place on the island will be considered the leader's property.

*If you are a member of a team and the leader or another member breaks a game-breaking rule then the entire team will be banned for the remainder of the season 

If your leader is banned for a serious punishment, the entire team will be disbanded most likely and any competitive beacons will be removed. 

Using a VPN on our server is allowed to an extent- we have a system to block VPNs, but if you use something like a mobile hotspot, you are allowed to- but ensure the network you are connected to is secure and private as you can be held accountable to accounts on your network. If you have a brother that breaks rules on our server you risk being banned as well.


- Pickaxe Sharing. Pickaxe Sharing isn’t allowed. (Gang pickaxes) [Island is can be disqualified or members can be banned]

-Player Rotation. Player Rotation is not allowed. Player Rotation means players are constantly switching to one Island. (The island can be Disqualified if caught)

- Insiding. Insiding is when you Steal any Valuable items without the Island Leader’s permission. (Beacons, Pickaxes, Withdrawn Tokens, Blizzards, Custom Enchanted Armor/Weapons, Keys, Shards, Pets) [Player who committed Insiding will be banned for the rest of the season].

- Gang Boosting. Gang Boosting is when a island boosts an allied island to claim the top 5 Gang Payouts. (Islands that are involved can be Subjected to being DISQUALIFIED AND BANNED for the rest of the season)

-n Automining Gang Member. Gang members who are caught automining will be subjected to their entire gang for Disqualification.

- If your Gang Leader is banned for a serious punishment. The entire team may be disbanded, and all competitive beacons will be removed.

- Island Griefing. Island Griefing is not allowed, if reported the player will be banned for the rest of the season.

- Island Leader Belongings. Anything that is placed on the island belongs to the Island Leader. Players who take stuff without permission will be banned accordingly.

- Island Gang Payouts. Gang payouts can only be claimed by the island leader and its their responsibility to evenly split the amount of the payouts. 

- Alt account Islands. Putting an alt account on another island is not allowed. If caught island can be subjected to alt boosting and be disqualified or IP banned.

- Island members using exploits or bugs. Bugs and exploits that are not recorded and found abused by members, will get the entire Island Disqualified and Banned

Ban times:

Spam: Verbal Warning (if deemed useful), 1 hour mute, 3 hour mute, 12 hour mute, 2 day mute, 3 day ban, repeat 3 day ban

Caps: Verbal Warning (if deemed useful), 30 minute mute, 1 hour mute, 3 hour mute, 12 hour mute, 1 day mute , repeat 1 day mute.

Mute Evade: Change mute to double length ban, IP Mute, Permanent Ban, IP Ban

Slur: Mute 24hr, 7d, Perm ban

Excessive Toxic/Disrespect: Warn, Mute 3hr, 6hr, Ban 3d, Repeat 3 day ban, perm ban if not listening to stop

Bug abuse (low): Warn, Ban 2d, 7d, perm

Bug abuse (high): Ban for the remainder season, Perm ban, Blacklist

Hack: Ban 7d, 30d, Perm

Ban Evade: IP ban